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Our Amazing History With Dogs

We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled blog post to share some exciting information.

Apparently there is a Museum of the Dog!

I’ve been obsessed with animals and dogs my entire life and somehow missed that there is an entire museum dedicated to dogs! They are moving back to New York City after spending a few decades in St. Louis.

They have an amazing collection of historic works of art including the beautiful pieces below. The first photo pictured really speaks to me in ways I can’t explain. Just lovely.


The Falconer by Donald Grant
“The Falconer” by Donald Grant – Gift of the estate of Cynthia S. Wood. (Salukis)
Senior Wrtanglers by Maud Earl
“Senior Wranglers” by Maud Earl – Gift of the Estate of Jean Graves Brainard. (Wire Fox Terriers)
Ch. Estat d'Argeles of Basquaerie and Ch. estagel d' Argeles of Basquarie by Edwin Megargee
“Ch. Estat d’Argeles of Basquaerie and Ch. Estagel d’Argeles of Basquaerie” by Edwin Megargee – Gift of the estate of Mary Crane. (Great Pyrenees)





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