Connecting artists with dogs in need!

I started an Instagram account a while ago when I realized it was a great way to fulfill my need to post pictures of my dogs without flooding my facebook feed. Instagram is simple and the emphasis stays on the photo without the distractions of text posts. Now I post pictures of my same dogs doing the same thing every day and my poor facebook friends don’t have to feel obligated to comment “So cute” on every single one.  #yourewelcomefacebookfriends

I’ve also learned how to hashtag – the jury is still out on whether that’s a good thing or not.

While I use Instagram to share my dog photos and look at pictures of cute animals, some amazing people are using the site to accomplish great things. I recently came across the Instagram account @dogartrescue. They connect artists to dogs in need of homes. Post a photo of an adoptable dog with the hashtag #dogartrescueme and and an artist will do a sketch of the dog and they’ll feature the dog on their page. This is a great way to promote both up and coming artists and dogs in search of forever homes.


Whether you’re an artist, someone looking to adopt a dog, or know a dog in need of a home, check out their profile. They’ve got dogs from all over the world featured on their page.





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